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Texture Agents factory
L117 Wave pattern texture agent
for polyurethane
L117 is a kind of sulfonic acid catalyst which can obtain different size of turtle shell texture (vein or crocodile texture) by strong effect curing acceleration.
Compare with L107 Indoor Wrinkle Finish Agent , L117 can obtain big and stable size of crocodile texture.
1.Technical parameters
Appearance: white or light yellow powder
Volatile content: ≤ 0.5%
Used in PUR Resin to obtain crocodile texture
3.Guide formula and attentions
3.1  PUR Wrinkle Finish Agent L117 need to co-use with hydroxyl polyester resin (polyurethane resin) and 1174 curing agent.
3.2   L117 Dosage:
Pre-mix 0.6%-1% by weight of total formula.
3.3  In order to get big texture, polyester content should be higher.
3.4  Dry blend L118 turtle shell agent made the texture more strong and easy for spraying.
3.5  Recommend pur polyester: Nanfang Resin 1000H , Kinte 7805
3.6  Starting formulation:
Formula 1 Formula 2
EL1000H PUR Resin7080
L 117 0.6 0.6
1174 curing agent67
L1173 forming agent22
Extruding @120-130°C, Curing @200°C*15min
Dry blend L118 turtle shell agent 0.1-3% to adjust the texture size
Extruding temperature should 10℃ higher than normal extruding temperature(120-130°C )and mix adequately, so that extruding results good .Grinding the powder with a little big particle size and curing @200°C*15min.
4. Package
Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight: 25kg/bagTexture Agents factory

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