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KASHIYAMA Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
1. When working fluid is recycled, it can be kept free of impurities. If it is recycled, it needs to be matched with water tank and cooling. The general working water temperature is recommended to be 15-25 °C. If the water temperature is too high, it will affect the performance of water ring vacuum pump, such as vacuum degree and pumping capacity.Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Sale

2, generally need to add equipment cooling, more important is the on-site process, temperature control, most industries are actually used in circulating water, no waste, if water can be used, but the circulation pipeline must be installed, In general, industrial soft water is preferred for water ring vacuum pump working fluids.Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump In Salt Production Process

3. When the pump is working, there is a certain requirement for the water temperature and the quality of the water, mainly to avoid corrosion of the internal impeller and other components, and whether the vacuum produced is pure, and the general pump is recycled water, which can save resources.Roots vacuum pump

4, try to use industrial soft water, so as not to cause damage to the equipment, and then better to achieve the purpose of using water multiple times, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, saving resources.rotary vane vacuum pump

That is to say, when the working fluid of the water ring vacuum pump is repeatedly used, it is only necessary to ensure that it is clean and avoid affecting the work of the equipment. Recycling can save energy and will not cause damage to the equipment as long as it meets the above requirements.Water ring vacuum pump
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

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